Analytics for Banking is a complete profitability suite

Analytics for Bannking (A4B) suite help Banks manage business and profitability information in a multidimensional way.

Our approach is straightforward:

  • We provide standard templates, calculations and workflows that can be enriched in order to produce Bank Specific Information on top of standard functionality.
  • Coded to provide a balance of high performance, extensibility and upgradeability, A4B is based on industry standards, hardware and database agnostic and 100% Web responsive application
  • We provide a Fast Forward Implementing Methodology, based on our accumulated experience, that allows any Bank to start benefiting from A4B in a very short timeframe, achieving fast and notable ROI.

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  • Analytics Core Foundation
  • Task Management (Integration with Banking Core Systems)
  • Data Model
  • Indicator Definition Tool
  • Commercial Budget Negotiation Tool
  • Commercial Performance Monitoring
  • Incentive/Bonus Calculation
  • Net Interest Income
  • Operational Costs
  • Channel Profitability
  • Net Interest Income Forecast
  • Non Interest Income Forecasting
  • Customer Profitability Simulator
  • Based on Open Source software and APIs
  • Responsive web design, multi screen (PC, Tablet) and dimensions
  • Compatible with the most widely used databases
  • Not available
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